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"I have no hesitation recommending CLB Network and their team to any contractor/builder."

Ryan Murphey
Ryan Murphey
Evolutionary Homes

"CLB Network has really helped our business grow in a sustainable and more profitable way."

Dion Lamb
Dion Lamb
CRx Construction

"I think we have a system now that $100M companies don't have"

Michael Carrier
Michael Carrier
Waterstone City Homes

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Founder's Note

Founding Certified Luxury Builders Network (CLB Network) was a direct response to my extensive experience in luxury building in Naples, FL, where I faced the industry's challenges head-on. My journey, marked by countless hours and significant investment in navigating pricing battles and striving for excellence, highlighted a critical market gap. There was a pressing need for a platform that not only offered competitive pricing advantages but also supported the pursuit of excellence and growth for luxury builders. Our mission, rooted in my firsthand experiences, aims to empower builders to protect their margins, win prestigious projects, and elevate their operations.

CLB stands apart as more than a buying group. We're a collective of professionals united by a passion for guiding builders towards greatness in quality, profit, and pipeline. Our services, though diverse, prioritize enhancing operational efficiency and fostering growth through strategic marketing, financial management, and client engagement, all designed to meet the luxury sector's unique demands.

Our commitment to our members extends beyond providing tools and resources; it's about partnership in achieving market dominance. Inspired by my own path and the desire to uplift others in this challenging yet rewarding field, CLB Network is dedicated to building a legacy of excellence and impact in the luxury construction industry.

BJ Barone
Founder, Certified Luxury Builders Network

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