Builders' Buying Network

Members of the Builders' Buying Network are part of a revolutionary alliance of custom home builders, remodelers, and subcontractors. United, we turn individual weaknesses into collective strength, accessing benefits once thought impossible.

Network Member Benefits include:

  • Custom Home and Remodel Referral Opportunities: Refer new business to builders throughout the network and receive 2% of the total construction or remodel contract as a thank you, or receive referrals from members outside of your area.
  • Volume Buying Power: Access to competitive pricing on materials and services either directly or through your subcontractors.
  • Enhanced Margins: Improved profitability while maintaining competitive pricing.
  • Collective Bargaining: Strengthened negotiation capabilities with suppliers.
  • Backdated Benefits: Unique opportunity to benefit from past volume, a first in the industry.

With each new member, our network grows stronger, our voice louder, and our leverage greater.

There is no annual fee for new members and no commitments. Simply complete the registration below.

New offers and services are being added with continuous updates to the list of partners on the Buying Network member platform.  

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