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Top Luxury Builders want to be “Great” at 3 things…


Do high quality work and
deliver a 5-Star Experience


Build a brand that attracts
a pipeline of “Best Fit” clients


Have a profitable business
that becomes an asset

Yourself in 3 minutes See what "GREAT" looks like.

How does your business match up?

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We Help Builders Improve Quality, Pipeline, and Profit

CLB measures our partnership success in Revenue, New Projects, and Net Profit.
We want all of our members to achieve a goal of putting a minimum of $1M in profits in the bank.

Team & Hiring

Make sure you have the right people in the right roles working toward the right goals.


Accounting & Finance

Profitability optimization, cashflow management, and more without headaches.



Work on your business, not in your business, with the right tools, people, and processes.



Dominate your market with a trusted brand that everyone recognizes and recommends.



Laser-focused and tracked to fill your pipeline with ideal projects from qualified buyers.



Proven systems and services to reliably close more deals for better projects with best-fit clients.

What would happen if you had the vision, tools, and support to dominate your market?

The Certified Luxury Builders Network leads luxury builders to greatness. To help builders achieve the 3 milestones of Quality, Profit, and Pipeline, The CLB Business Operating System has become a benchmark of what “GREAT" looks like.

Now you can match your business side-by-side with the CLB model to identify which areas of your business can be improved using our Real-Life Examples and Simple Processes to achieve Timely Results.

The CLB Network has made an impact with builders across the US with annual sales ranging from 5 to 100 million.

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Blueprint of a Market Dominating Brand

What steps do we need to take to establish our company as a leading brand in our market?

BJ Barone, founder of the CLB Network, shares the basic steps that luxury builders around the country can take to become the leading brand in their market.

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What Luxury Builders are Saying:

“The business operating system [CLB-OS] for luxury home builders that CLB has created is simple and easy to follow. I wish I found the Certified Luxury Builders Network sooner and would absolutely recommend CLB to other builders.” Warren, NJ
“We enjoy the Houzz profile optimization and would gladly recommend Certified Luxury Builders to a friend.” Santa Monica, CA
“I highly recommend Certified Luxury Builders and found the building of my website and the five simple steps to be the most useful.” Houston, TX
“CLB has exceptional organization support and pushed me to develop a complete business plan.” Wayne, PA

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It doesn't have to be hard to achieve success.

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