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Grow Your Construction Business and Achieve $1 Million in Profits

Who is Motivated & Ready to Become Great at Quality, Profit & Pipeline?

Become a Better Builder. Make More Money Than Ever. Gain Control of Your Business.

We solve builders' biggest challenges by making them great at quality, profit, and pipeline.

Driven to build market-leading, passionate builders, one great company at a time.

Certified Luxury Builders Network benchmarks allow you to score your company to see how you measure up, and find out where to focus to get control or take your business to the next level.

The field-tested Certified Luxury Builders Operating System provides real life examples, and simple processes to achieve timely results.

Your CLB team measures success in terms of the number of marketing qualified and sales qualified inbound marketing leads produced and visitor engagement. CLB measures our partnership success in Revenue, New Projects, and Net Profit. We want all of our members to achieve a goal of putting a minimum of $1M in profits in the bank.

Business Audits
Building Blocks
Brand Marketing
Surveys & Reviews
Client Experience
Finance & Accounting
Hiring & HR

In my first two months of engagement with CLB Network, I have seen positive results in many aspects of my business, including basic operating procedures, company branding, target marketing and mission clarity ... I truly feel you and your associates have the success of my business as your top priority and I am happy to be part of this successful network.
- Jacksonville Beach, FL

Master Your Business

See What Great Looks Like

Leverage your team's strengths and take advantage of your unique opportunities. We've helped independent luxury builders across the nation discover greatness and achieve it.

After a simple self-assessment, carefully designed to confirm your strengths and reveal your best opportunities for improvement, your CLB Trusted Advisers will begin working with you to organize your business to achieve timely results.

With a new level of mastery that brings confidence and calm, you'll have the clarity and freedom to finally gain meaningful traction in your business.


Success, Accelerated

Skip the trial and error. Get the tools you need to succeed.

Once you've gained traction in your business, you're going to need reliable tools and processes to accelerate toward success. Creating and testing those processes and tools is time-consuming and difficult. That's why we have developed field-tested processes and tools which equip Certified Luxury Builders in top markets to instantly accelerate their success.

These tools and processes for luxury builders include everything from target market research, everything needed to reach that market and build pipeline, to back office solutions covering HR, Finance, and Accounting.


Automation for Luxury Builders

"We've got this" ...from Pipeline to Payroll

Achieving consistent luxury quality, 5-star client experiences, and a full project pipeline with best-fit clients happens when proven processes are executed with excellence. Reaching this level of consistency with efficiency that maximizes client experience and owner profits takes successful builders decades to achieve.

Qualified builders can instantly multiply their company's bandwidth and achieve success faster by taking advantage of Certified Luxury Builders Network full service solutions. From start to finish, pipeline to payroll, CLB Network can both provide and execute on processes and tools proven to achieve success.

Focus on your strengths, and do what you enjoy. Delegate the rest to achieve success.


Stop Reactive Decision Making

Get ahead of competition with long-term strategy

By definition, decisions made in reaction to competitors are reactive and surrenders market leadership. Take control and execute based on proven long-term strategies for meaningful success in your marketplace. Get a solid handle on your target market, and the right tools and strategies to reach them so that you can enjoy the benefits of a full pipeline and reliable, accelerated growth.


Attract Best-Fit Clients

Eliminate problem projects, build a profitable pipeline

We understand that your brand is much more than a logo or website, it's about the entire experience a prospect, lead and client has with your company. Our solutions take a comprehensive approach which include sales funnel websites, professional publishing, and social media strategy paired with local target market analysis, strategic partnership programs, and client relationship management from inquiry to project completion and beyond.