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CLB Digital Pipeline Funnel with the Pipeline Auto-pilot and Strategic Team Builder

Is your website just an online brochure with a portfolio of pretty pictures? CLB’s website with CRM integration turns your website into a sales-generating machine. By linking your website & CRM to the “5 Simple Steps” sales process, prospects who visit your website will select you as their builder for their project. You will receive immediate text & email notifications when prospects visit your website, while simultaneously updating your CRM so you can manage all your client, prospect and strategic partner relationships.

  • Branded Custom Sales Funnel Website with 24/7 high performance.
  • Mobile optimized - smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, and new device compatible.
  • High performance “90 Plus” ratings through Google performance testing.
  • Sales optimized pages.
  • Concierge management with ongoing tech updates.
  • Full service includes photo, videos, integration with standard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to track and manage web page traffic
  • Receive email and text notifications when prospects visit the website
  • On-page SEO
  • Exclusive CLB Client Portal
  • Unconditional bug-fix guarantee
  • Your online client portal allows your clients to securely access their projects via their own individualized web page. Here they can view all the details, scheduling and daily progress of their project every step of the way whether they are near or far with just a few clicks.
  • Your clients, are able to view important documents & plans, make selections, and even approve change orders at any time, from any location.
  • Photos and project updates are posted regularly, and you can track the actual construction schedule as it progresses.
  • Of course you always love to hear from all your clients, and always welcome calls, your clients can now easily leave, receive, and view messages to and from any of your project managers 24/7.
  • Improves your presence with Architects, Interior Designers, and Realtors.
  • Optional branded, digital “Luxury Home Living” Magazine
  • Optional ‘5 Simple Steps’ animated video included