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We Help Builders Put $1M+ Profit in the Bank

Looking for $1M+ Profit Even After Paying Yourself a Fair Salary?

Earn Millions in Additional Revenue. Land More 7-Figure Projects Than Ever. Achieve 10% Net Profit.

The Certified Luxury Builders Network Leads Luxury Builders to Greatness.

Great builders execute and deliver consistently in the areas of Quality, Pipeline, and Profit. They do high quality work and deliver a 5-Star Experience every time, to everyone. They have a profitable business that becomes a real asset. They've not only built great projects, but a brand that attracts a pipeline of Best-Fit referring strategic partners, prospects and clients. They have more market interest than they need, and choose the projects they want. The great builder gets to focus on what he likes, and leave the rest to others.

Are you ready to uncover why your construction business isn’t working & how to fix it? 

Score yourself and see how your business measures up here.

Your CLB team measures success in terms of the number of marketing qualified and sales qualified inbound marketing leads produced and visitor engagement. CLB measures our partnership success in Revenue, New Projects, and Net Profit. We want all of our members to achieve a goal of putting a minimum of $1M in profits in the bank.

Certified Luxury Builders

Motivated. High-Performance. Always Learning.

As a member of the Certified Luxury Builders Network, the impact on your business will be measurable and timely, in fact, your scorecards will show it every month. Our motivated members transform from success to greatness, and on to legacy, you too will experience good to great in:

  1. Quality
  2. Profit
  3. Pipeline

We achieve this through our proven builder solutions: MASTERY. ACCELERATE. AUTOMATE. DOMINATE.

Now is the time to take the next step and partner with a company that speaks your language, knows your business, the industry, and can accelerate your success.

Do you want a high-performance business? Are you motivated to do what it takes to achieve your goals? Do you recognize that you can’t do it all and need help to get there?

Join the 30-day experience, with a money back guarantee.

Their team of pros are trustworthy and incredibly knowledgeable.

I am the owner of Great Falls Construction, a Custom Luxury Builder and Remodeler. Working with Certified Luxury Builder Network (CLB) has been a good experience for my business, so I wanted to share my experience with other builders. From the moment I partnered with CLB, I knew I was in good hands. Their team of pros are trustworthy and incredibly knowledgeable. CLB's President, BJ Barone, has been a great mentor in guiding me through our sales strategy, helping revise our contracts, and teaching me how to better develop and convert prospects into customers. One of their other key mentors, Mike Myers, helped us with various aspects of our business, from brand enhancement to marketing strategies. Thanks to their insights, my brand's visibility has increased. They have a large team of well-seasoned experts ready to help. Their guidance and insights have helped me identify areas where I could make improvements, streamline processes, and ultimately increase revenue. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate CLB's dedication to their clients. They have gone above and beyond in providing me with personalized guidance and actionable recommendations. In summary, if you're a builder seeking trusted guidance, expert advice, and rapid results, I wholeheartedly recommend Certified Luxury Builder Network (CLB). Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their clients' success make them a valuable partner for any business in the construction industry. Ken Merritt Owner, Great Falls Construction


Hiring the CLB team has been nothing short of amazing. Any time I need help with anything, they are right there - available 24/7. Always extremely kind, professional, and prompt! They are extremely good at what they do and they really help us to stay organized, generate leads, manage our website, and keep track of our finances. The team is incredible and well worth the money. - Long Beach Island, NJ


The team, the process, and execution is all top notch, and has really helped our business grow in a sustainable and more profitable way. - Rehoboth Beach, DE


CLB is the real deal. More than just a consultant - they actually have superior tools and organization and keep you on track. - Farmington Hills, MI


We are a custom home builder in San Antonio with decades of combined experience building custom homes and thought we had it all together. After skeptically signing up for the Mastery sessions we are now moving into Dominate. I have no hesitation recommending CLB and their team to any contractor/builder looking for opportunities to improve their internal business processes and have their eyes opened to the growth possibilities they can achieve in their market. It goes beyond just the fluff of a new websites or marketing materials. What they offer is an opportunity for transformative changes to improve how you view your business, metrics to measure your business, tools to manage your pipeline and a deep bench of expertise that support you and your business every step of the way. - San Antonio, TX

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Certified Luxury Builders and found the building of my website and the five simple steps to be the most useful. - Houston, TX


CLB has exceptional organization support and pushed me to develop a complete business plan. - Wayne, PA

We gladly recommend Certified Luxury Builders

We enjoy the Houzz profile optimization and would gladly recommend Certified Luxury Builders to a friend. - Santa Monica, CA

I wish I found the Certified Luxury Builders Network sooner

The business operating system [CLB-OS] for luxury home builders that CLB has created is simple and easy to follow. I wish I found the Certified Luxury Builders Network sooner and would absolutely recommend CLB to other builders. - Warren, NJ

Expertise that never sleeps

We are a luxury home builder in the Washington DC market serving clients who only want the best and highest quality available. Our association with Certified Luxury Builders and member associates provides additional support and expands our footprint in the marketplace. The level of expertise is high, and their availability has been amazing...I wonder if they sleep. - Great Falls, VA

People have stopped us around town... It's been a great success!

Our company recently published “Your Vineyard Connection”. It has been a great success! People have stopped us around town to praise the concept and the quality of the publication, including people we don’t personally know. It credits us as the publisher but CLB did all of it with just some proof reading and editing from our office. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and intend to continue with it in the years ahead. - Martha’s Vineyard, MA

A necessity for my business

The strategic planning and Mastery sessions have been most useful in helping me know more about my target market as well as helping me to set and actually have goals. I continue to be a member because it is a necessity for my business and would highly recommend Certified Luxury Builders - Clearwater, FL

The CLB team has great energy and confidence and I am excited and engaged

We have gained overall clarity of what our core focus needs to be from a project/client selection process. I am eager to see my business grow and begin to work on projects that I want to take on, not just take on every referral that comes my way. Alignment is crucial. The CLB team has great energy and confidence and I am excited and engaged in this process. - St. Louis, MO

Looking to have a high-performance business? We'd highly reccommend CLB

We found the CLB Mastery, Accelerate, and Dominate programs to be most useful and would highly recommend CLB to any Luxury Builder looking to have a high performance business. - Kansas City, MO

So powerful

We found the process of defining our “3 numbers” for our business to be so powerful for our future business and would highly recommend CLB - Edwards, CO

Candor, energy and a customized approach to my needs

CLB has been great to work with, and I've appreciated their candor and energy. I like how the strategic planning and Mastery sessions are customized to my particular needs and recommend Certified Luxury Builders to other builders. - Virginia Beach, VA

More in one month with CLB than a year going it alone

We were able to create more Strategic Partnership relationships in one month using the CLB system than we had in a year on our own. They know the industry and they know what works. - Boston, MA

With CLB, we have put plans into action that were stalled for years

CLB has helped us to Accelerate and Dominate in a short period of time. We have been able to put plans into action that we had been stalled for years. The CLB team is an integral part of our team. - Baltimore, MD

One call alone generated $100,000 in net profit for us

I couldn’t believe it. Our CLB Trusted Advisor helped us to generate $100,000 in net profit from information he shared with us in our first call of our 30-Day Experience. Sometimes it just takes someone who knows and understands your business to see something that you miss because you are too close! - New Orleans, LA

I made the right decision

I am not at all comfortable with, or knowledgeable about, various aspects of social media. I am not regular with postings and I am not sure how to properly post for optimal business exposure. It has always been a daunting task for me – one which I have found to be intimidating and overly time-consuming. In the past, whenever I would solicit help from “social media experts”, they would make me feel guilty for not utilizing this universally-accepted marketing tool, while burdening me with a list of tasks that they assumed I knew how to accomplish. Others would quote me a significant monthly fee to simply “do it for me”. Well, if I never learn how to post content myself, I guess they would have a client for life. Grisselle took her time and made sure I understood what she was explaining. She sent me real-time examples that I could see on my screen. ... Best of all, she told me not to worry, that she would make the first few posts for me, while I observed what she was doing from my own computer screen. I cannot tell you how much emotional and intellectual progress was made today ... I made the right decision to join CLB Network for the long term success of my company. - Jacksonville Beach, FL