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Certified Luxury Builders Network leads luxury builders to greatness. An important part of that journey is making sure we provide you with the necessary tools and resources to help you focus on, accelerate toward, and achieve your business goals. Read on, enjoy and check back in as we continue to add more helpful articles!

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CLB's 3-Minute Audits For Home Builders

Achieving ‘great’ in your market involves not only the beautiful homes you build for your clients, but also having a finger on the pulse of how things are going within your own company, It means knowing how you stack up against your peers in terms of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Use our audits to assess your company and discover ways that you can continue striving for great within your own walls. Take My Audit

Guide: How To Increase Your Construction Pipeline

Growing your home building business means growing your client base, your pipeline. But how do you increase your pipeline and improve your win percentage? Do you have a clear strategy that supports the types of projects you want? Is hope part of your strategy? Increase My Pipeline

Worksheet: Target Market Worksheet For Luxury Home Builders

Finding your best-fit clients is the key to building success in your business. Do you have your target market clearly identified and are you on top of your strategy to reaching them? Use this worksheet to zero in on that perfect client and perfect the marketing strategies that will bring them to you. Target My Market

Worksheet: Our Easy-To-Use Budgeting Worksheet For Luxury Home Builders

How’s your budget treating you? Does it bring you peace of mind AND make you money? Use our budgeting worksheet to iron out the kinks in your budget to make it work for you and help you achieve GREAT in your business. Budget My Company

Entrepreneurial Playbook: How To Work On - Rather Than In - Your Construction Business

An entrepreneur has all the essential business skills of a successful business owner, AND knows that working on their business — rather than in it — means creating the environment and culture that inspires all team members to trust, contribute, grow, and achieve success. Download this guide to learn how to make small, yet necessary, changes to fuel your business growth and happiness. Fuel My Business Growth

Blog: Builders’ Digest

Luxury builders must continually learn about the business to stay on top of the latest innovations, tips and trends, and to persist at the head of their markets. In our efforts to help you stay at the top, we’re are continually publishing articles, interviews, and real-life examples in our Builder’s Digest. Read on to learn how to master your business, accelerate your growth and automate your success. Master My Business

Guide: CLB's Content Marketing Strategy For Home Builders

Discover how CLB creates dynamic content marketing strategies for luxury builders designed to elevate your business, help you dominate your market, and increase your pipeline. Dominate My Market

Guide: CLB's Content Marketing Distribution Strategy For Home Builders

Simply put, content is king and distribution is queen. Download this step-by-step guide to learn how CLB's well-crafted content distribution strategy is designed to elevate your home building business and attract best-fit clients. Elevate My Business

Guide: Eye Catching Imagery For Home Builders & Remodelers

Featuring your gorgeous, finished projects well is vital to attracting new clients, but knowing how to best create and display gorgeous photos that do justice to your hard work can be a challenge. Following our imagery guide will ensure that your images and branding look their best everywhere, in print and online. Differentiate My Brand

Construction Case Study: Houzz For Luxury Builders

Houzz is an excellent tool for your best-fit clients to be able to find you in your target markets, if you know how to make it work for you. In this case study, learn how one luxury builder in Naples used CLB Brand Builder to get 40% of their best-fit clients from Houzz. Reach My Perfect Client

Guide: Reputation Management For Home Builders

Your online reputation matters: more than 80% of decisions to hire a builder involve checking their online reviews. Out-pacing your competition in 5-star reviews can determine whether or not you are hired for a job, and will impact your search rankings—and business— on Google, Houzz, Facebook and Yelp. Let us show you how to optimize your online reputation and make your reputation work for you. Optimize My Online Reputation

Tips: 9 Proven Tips For Home Builders To Get More Social Media Followers

A strong social media presence is vital today for building your business. The 9 tactics we share here will show you how to create a solid social media foundation and set an accurate and precise trajectory toward long-term, sustained growth, through cultivating a following that will benefit you and your business. Build My Following

Guide: How Home Builders Should Use Press Releases To Build Their Brand

Part of building a brand is communicating newsworthy achievements to best fit clients and partners. Learn how a well-timed and well-worded press release can show those potential clients and partners that you don’t just build a house— you build dreams and provide a 5-Star Experience using the 5 Simple Steps. Our guide has even more about building your brand through savvy and on-target use of press releases. Build My Brand

Guide: What Makes Construction Accounting Different?

In this guide we walk you through everything you need to know to run a successful and highly profitable business - the foundation of construction accounting, why it is different, and the 5 key financial ratios you can use to measure the performance of your business within the construction industry. Make My Business Profitable

Construction Case Study: How CLB's Strategic Partner Program Created $30 Million In Additional Revenue

A must read! Download our newest case study detailing how CLB's strategic partner program led one luxury home builder to an additional $30 million in revenue. Create A $30 Million Pipeline

eBook: Using MLS To Target And Drive Leads

Using the MLS helps home builders target and drive best-fit leads, build their pipeline, and dominate their market. Download our latest eBook to learn more. Target And Drive My Leads

Guide: "Google My Business" For Luxury Home Builders

The complete guide to "Google My Business" for home builders and the steps you need to take to leverage your free listing. Manage "Google My Business"

Cheat Sheet: How To Calculate Margin And Markup For Construction

To learn more about construction margin vs. markup, we put together this easy-to-follow infographic how to calculate margin and markup the easy way. Understand Margin Vs. Markup

eBOOK: Margin Vs. Markup: The Difference And Easy Formula

This ultimate ebook covers all the important aspects of construction margin vs. markup - what is the difference plus how to calculate and avoid the pitfalls. Calculate Margin Vs. Markup

eBOOK: Why CLB Metrics Are Critical To Your Construction Company's Success

Truly great companies are driven by metrics. Download our latest eBook to learn how CLB's metrics, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial to your success as a company. Begin Using CLB Metrics

How CLB's Proven Inbound Marketing Program Connects Your Brand With Best-Fit Clients & 7-Figure Projects

A detailed look at 14 days in the life of a CLB marketing campaign and how our marketing strategy connects builders with best-fit clients and 7-figure projects. Start My Inbound Campaign

How CLB’s Press Release Program Garners Impressions & Drives Quality Traffic Back To Your Website

Here we discuss the importance of press release services and how contractor press releases garner impressions and connect luxury builders with best-fit clients. Kick-Start My Press Release Program

Certified Luxury Builders Network 2021-2022 Luxury Market Report

Curious to see how home values in the luxury market are stacking up in 2021-2022? Download our latest Luxury Market Report to see the full scope of the North American luxury markets. Download My Luxury Market Report!

Geo-Fencing For Builders: Start Targeting & Converting Today

Some 87% of buying decisions begin with research conducted online. Only 22% of businesses say they’re using hyperlocal targeting to its full potential. Why aren’t you?
 Start Targeting & Converting

A Quick Guide To QR Codes For Home Builders

Learn how QR codes help builders increase engagement, record impressions, and provide clients with valuable info. Start Using QR Codes

Here's How CLB's Instagram Strategy Adds To Your Bottom Line

The future is bright for social media, with 71% of consumers saying they found themselves using more social media in the past year than ever before. Download our free guide to learn how CLB's unique and effective Instagram strategy for builders can add to your bottom line. Level Up My Instagram Strategy

How To Engage Strategic Partners On Social Media

To learn how leveraging social media can help you reach a new pool of strategic partners and grow your construction business, download this free guide. Reach New Strategic Partners

How To Hire For Construction Financial Performance

Download our free guide to learn the top characteristics of a successful CFO and how hiring for construction financial performance can help address the same core of issues when it comes to construction financial management: the shortage of skilled workers, risk reduction, cash flow management, and rising construction costs. Master The Financial Management Of My Business

Case Study: The Power of Dominate

Learn how one builder increased best-fit clients by 200% in 6 months through the implementation of our dynamic marketing mix designed specifically for luxury builders. Learn The Power of Dominate

Case Study: The Keys To Building A $30 Million Pipeline In 6 Months

Learn how CLB’s automated marketing and sales process delivered a $30 million pipeline filled with best-fit clients in less than 6 months. Build My $30 Million Pipeline

5 Steps To Recruiting Top Talent & Retaining An All-Star Team

In this eBook, we walk you through our 5 step process to finding the right candidate for the job and building an all-star team to power your construction business forward. Build My All-Star Team

Driving Value To Your Business & Your Legacy

Not sure what you need to drive value to your construction business, achieve greatness, and leave a legacy? We covered all of that and more in this free guide. Drive Value To My Business & Legacy

Your Legacy, Exit Strategy & Planning Guide

You have worked hard to develop a great luxury home building business, and now you’re thinking about what you need. Download our free guide for the 7-step process to building a legacy and implementing your exit strategy. Start Planning My Exit Strategy

How To Win More Home Building Contracts At Higher Margins

What's the ideal profit margin for luxury home builders? Download this guide to learn how to win more home builder contracts at higher margins. Increase My Profit Margins

9 Tips To Maximize Your Profits In Residential Construction

Want to make more money in construction? Check out these nine tips to help you maximize your profits and stay ahead of the competition! Maximize My Profits!

7 Most Common Objections Every Custom Home Builder Must Overcome

Find out how to overcome the seven most common objections every custom home builder must deal with. Each objection is more than just a simple “no” – it’s an opportunity for you to reposition and redirect your prospect. Download to learn more. Learn How To Overcome Objections

Case Study: How We Got 60,000 Blog Views From Top Ranking On Google

Learn how our luxury home builder's blog drove quality website traffic through SEO, achieved top ranking on Google and generated over 60,000 views in a year. Begin Ranking On Google Now

How To Build Rapport With Customers Using Our Photography Checklist

Finding the right words to build rapport with your prospects is important, but so are the visuals you use. This photography checklist shows how easy it can be to create a lasting first impression and entice more prospects to take action. Download My Checklist

Free Checklist: Online Account Management

Learn how to protect your online accounts from hijacking or unauthorized access with these easy-to-follow tips. Protect My Data

Video Checklist for Builders: How to Showcase Your Work

Video has become an increasingly powerful tool for builders to showcase their work and attract new clients. With our Video Checklist for Builders, you can ensure that you're presenting your work in the best possible light. By using video at every turn, you'll be able to highlight the details and craftsmanship that make your builds stand out from the rest. This will create buzz for your business and help drive demand for your services. Take the opportunity now to show off your skills and watch as your pipeline fills with clients eager to see the next stunning project you have in store. Build My Video Portfolio

Reach New Heights in Your Career: The Blueprint to Top Pay, Success, & Satisfaction

Ever felt like your construction ambitions were stuck on paper? Dive into an eBook tailor-made for the go-getters in the residential construction industry – from project managers to superintendents and project coordinators. Here, we unfold a roadmap filled with industry secrets, leadership skills, and strategic mastery, all curated from professionals who've walked the path of success. It’s not just about building homes - it’s about building careers, maximizing your income potential, and receiving the recognition you deserve! Whether you’re kickstarting your journey or aiming for the stars, this eBook will be your compass. Transform your aspirations into achievements. Ready to construct your dream career? The blueprint awaits. Download now! Supercharge My Construction Career

Guard Your Top Talent From Record High Poaching

Your business's success hinges on your ability to retain your top talent, especially in an industry as competitive as construction. With our eBook, learn to defy high poaching rates by crafting an irresistible career development plan for your top talent. Within, you'll find actionable insights to foster a culture that not only attracts the best but makes them want to stay. With expert guidance and real-world examples, discover how to build a robust talent retention strategy, ensuring your workforce remains loyal, motivated, and geared towards the company's long-term success. Dive deep into these transformative strategies and witness your construction business soar. Empower & Retain My Top Talent