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CLB’s Mastery Program Is Singularly Focused On Creating A Better Future For Custom Home Builders By Helping Them Master The Ins & Outs Of Their Construction Business

Advisory Services Tailored To Your Business

Trusted Advisors Delivering Exceptional Outcomes One Company At A Time

No other agency in the construction industry offers the level of access, data and insight into solving builders' biggest challenges by making them great at quality, profit, and pipeline. Unlike generalist firms that work across many industries, CLB is industry-specialized and relationship-driven with a proven long-term commitment to building market-leading, passionate leaders, one great company at a time.

This is why custom builders throughout the country trust CLB to help solve their most pressing challenges, capitalize on their most promising opportunities, and gain insight into current issues and emerging industry trends.

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Breaking The Code: CLB's Business Operating System

Leverage your team's strengths and take advantage of your unique opportunities. We've helped independent luxury builders across the nation discover greatness and achieve it.

After a simple self-assessment, carefully designed to confirm your strengths and reveal your best opportunities for improvement, your CLB Trusted Advisers will begin working with you to organize your business to achieve timely results.

With a new level of mastery that brings confidence and calm, you'll have the clarity and freedom to finally gain meaningful traction in your business.

Our experienced consultants leverage decades of industry-specific expertise and proprietary insights to improve your company. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, the CLB Mastery Program covers 4 critical areas of your business:

  • Business Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Construction Operations & HR
  • Brand, Marketing & Sales

And because we have decades of industry-specific experience, we know what drives long-term success and how to help you achieve a Legacy Business.