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Build a brand that attracts
a pipeline of “Best Fit” clients


Have a profitable business
that becomes an asset

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  1. We have a Strategic Business Plan in writing for Sales, Construction Operations, and Accounting that has been shared with our management team.
  1. When combined, we will pay over $400,000 in salaries for our Director of Sales, our Director of Construction Operations (COO), and our Controller (CFO).
  1. We do not use a Cost-Plus formula. (Where the job cost is multiplied by a fixed percentage, and the product is then added to the job cost to create the contract price).
  1. We pay real estate agents a commission for the referral of a new build or remodel contract.
  1. If we gross $10M in construction this year, not including land sales, we expect a minimum of $1.2M in K-1 totals, or 12% at a minimum, of whatever our actual annual gross volume will be.
  1. If I stop working today, it will have no effect on my business. I have a business succession plan in place that will pay me a recurring income, or I can sell the business for a profit.
  1. We have the right people in the right seats and do not need any new hires. Each person sends a scorecard with their weekly and monthly KPI’s to their supervisor.
  1. Our Company will not submit bids for any project without having a design or pre-construction agreement.
  1. We rank at the top of every Google search in our area, and if it existed, our company would receive the Top of Market Award for our marketing that generates a continuous pipeline of "Best Fit" leads.
  1. We have defined our target market in writing and have marketing that reaches all of our past and current clients, realtors, architects, and interior designers at least once per month to generate a continuous pipeline of "Best Fit" client leads.

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Instead of committing to long-term contracts, you commit to an amazing 5-Star, 30-Day Experience. Our team will work with you and your management team in four 1 hour calls, during which we will create key documents:

  • Identify and define your target market in writing.
  • Establish the criteria for defining your "Best Fit" client in writing.
  • Revise or create a strategic business plan for you in writing.
  • Create a brand development plan in writing to become a leading online brand in your market.
“The CLB Network is leading us to greatness. I wish I found Certified Luxury Builders Network sooner and would absolutely recommend CLB to other builders.” -  Dan P. - NJ

Their team of pros are trustworthy and incredibly knowledgeable.

I am the owner of Great Falls Construction, a Custom Luxury Builder and Remodeler. Working with Certified Luxury Builder Network (CLB) has been a good experience for my business, so I wanted to share my experience with other builders. From the moment I partnered with CLB, I knew I was in good hands. Their team of pros are trustworthy and incredibly knowledgeable. CLB's President, BJ Barone, has been a great mentor in guiding me through our sales strategy, helping revise our contracts, and teaching me how to better develop and convert prospects into customers. One of their other key mentors, Mike Myers, helped us with various aspects of our business, from brand enhancement to marketing strategies. Thanks to their insights, my brand's visibility has increased. They have a large team of well-seasoned experts ready to help. Their guidance and insights have helped me identify areas where I could make improvements, streamline processes, and ultimately increase revenue. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate CLB's dedication to their clients. They have gone above and beyond in providing me with personalized guidance and actionable recommendations. In summary, if you're a builder seeking trusted guidance, expert advice, and rapid results, I wholeheartedly recommend Certified Luxury Builder Network (CLB). Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their clients' success make them a valuable partner for any business in the construction industry. Ken Merritt Owner, Great Falls Construction


Hiring the CLB team has been nothing short of amazing. Any time I need help with anything, they are right there - available 24/7. Always extremely kind, professional, and prompt! They are extremely good at what they do and they really help us to stay organized, generate leads, manage our website, and keep track of our finances. The team is incredible and well worth the money. - Long Beach Island, NJ


The team, the process, and execution is all top notch, and has really helped our business grow in a sustainable and more profitable way. - Rehoboth Beach, DE


CLB is the real deal. More than just a consultant - they actually have superior tools and organization and keep you on track. - Farmington Hills, MI


We are a custom home builder in San Antonio with decades of combined experience building custom homes and thought we had it all together. After skeptically signing up for the Mastery sessions we are now moving into Dominate. I have no hesitation recommending CLB and their team to any contractor/builder looking for opportunities to improve their internal business processes and have their eyes opened to the growth possibilities they can achieve in their market. It goes beyond just the fluff of a new websites or marketing materials. What they offer is an opportunity for transformative changes to improve how you view your business, metrics to measure your business, tools to manage your pipeline and a deep bench of expertise that support you and your business every step of the way. - San Antonio, TX

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