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Everything You Need To Know About CLB’s Unique & Effective Instagram Strategy For Home Builders

How Expanding Your Social Media Toolbox To Include Instagram Can Add To Your Bottom Line

The future is bright for social media. 

Consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before. In fact, 71% of consumers say their social media use increased in the past year. And while that’s not surprising, given the ways we have learned people’s habits changed during the intensity of the pandemic, there are signs that the increase isn’t letting up. By generation, the increase of use breaks down to a 78% increase by Gen Z, to a 54% increase in social media use over the last year by Baby Boomers. 

Combine that increase with the fact that Instagram, one of the biggest social media networks, boasts over 1 Billion users. Of those, 500 Million check their accounts at least on a daily basis. It doesn’t take much to see that using Instagram as part of your builders’ social media marketing strategy is a smart move.

CLB is here to grow your Instagram and add to your bottom line. 

Download our free guide for a complete look at our comprehensive Instagram strategy for home builders.

With our unique and effective home builder Instagram tools, you will learn more about how to use Instagram to your greatest advantage, and we’ll be here to help you the whole way. 

Grow faster with Instagram

Creating a consistent style, planning content, and knowing when to post, are all key to making the best use of Instagram for your business. But that’s not all.

Showcase your work by posting engaging, high-quality images. 

Most buyers (93%!) say that ‘visual appearance’ is the main reason for their purchasing decisions. Make sure that you position yourself well with excellent visuals on Instagram, the best social media outlet for showcasing stunning photography. CLB’s content planning for home builders can show your Instagram followers your company’s best side: after you finish a project, make sure to have it photographed as soon as possible, and we’ll make sure that your next Instagram post displays your team’s gorgeous craftsmanship!

The more beautiful work you exhibit on Instagram, the more your clients have the opportunity to engage, as well, increasing your traffic and exposure. They can share the results of projects you have completed for them and tag you to them, and their glowing praise of your work will encourage their followers to choose you for their next build or remodel.

Leverage Instagram’s algorithm to increase your visibility. 

With Instagram, there is not an algorithm that selectively showcases posts, so all of your posts will appear in the feeds of all of your followers. Such high visibility for your posts encourages engagement, and engagement can drive sales.

Use optimized construction Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags are your best friend. Hashtags help you get discovered, archive content and participate with highly relevant topics. They work wonders for your marketing strategy and help you engage with your brand’s niche community. 

Generate leads and drive quality traffic to your site. 

Our primary goal is to fill your pipeline with best-fits. Instagram can certainly help to drive more traffic to your website by positioning you as a luxury builder that can be trusted. Posting engaging content, implementing strong calls-to-action, and targeting your potential clients’ known pain-points demonstrates your competence and positions you as the perfect builder for their needs.

Out-maneuver your competition.

While Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, the number of local businesses using Instagram is still very limited. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, Instagram offers and incredible opportunity to get your business noticed without having to worry so much about competition. 

Target your best-fits by boosting eye-catching ads. 

We can position ads for you on Instagram that target specific locations, demographics, behaviors, and interests. We can choose the type of ad most likely to encourage engagement from your target audience. 

Make data-driven decisions to understand what’s working and what needs improvement. 

Identifying where you are among the crowd can have serious payoffs for your social media strategy. We can’t simply rely on follows and likes! Through our comprehensive Instagram strategy, we are able to:

  • track post performance
  • monitor Instagram trends
  • track comments and hashtag usage
  • measure audience engagement
  • identify influencers
  • report across multiple profiles


Here's How CLB's Instagram Strategy Adds To Your Bottom Line

The future is bright for social media, with 71% of consumers say they found themselves using more social media in the past year. Download our free guide to learn how CLB's unique and effective Instagram strategy for builders can add to your bottom line.

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