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Learn How CLB’s Builder Rep Program Fills Pipelines & Elevates the Sales Process for Home Builders

In today’s world, it’s no longer enough for luxury home builders to have a sales team. 

With the homebuilding industry flourishing and the competition remaining strong, it’s vital for your company to get ahead of the game with CLB Network’s Builder Representative Program.

With the CLB Builder Representative Program, you’ll get a rep who has industry experience and tenacity, along with sophisticated data, content, and technology to get the results you want.

How Having a Builder Rep Is Different Than Hiring Sales Reps  

The Sales Process and Lead Qualifying: Our builder reps will handle the entire sales process, from prospecting and calling to nurturing. To begin, our reps may either sell against your database or prospect on their own to find leads. Then, they qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities. Reps also contact clients by phone and email, complete the qualifying questionnaire for prospects, and if the prospect is qualified as a best-fit for your company, the rep will schedule and confirm a meeting with you. Closing is one of the most intimidating and difficult parts of the sales process for home builders. Our reps know that closing a deal requires more than just a phone call, which is why we spend time researching exactly what prospects want and nurture them through conversations and emails. 

Strategic Partner Development: Having a strong network of strategic partners is essential for every luxury home builder. Our builder reps will help you expand and nurture this network by contacting potential and current strategic partners about opportunities, introducing your company to potential clients and partners, and educating partners about your award-winning services and proven processes that allow you to deliver a 5-star experience to all your customers.

Manage Client Reviews and Referrals: Builder reps work in the SharpSpring CRM to keep it up to date with reviews and referrals. They also reach out to your past clients to bring in more reviews and referrals so that prospects can be informed about your luxury home building services. 

How Will This Program Add to Your Bottom Line?

More often than not, luxury builders don’t know what to look for when hiring a builder representative. That’s one of the reasons why outsourcing will save your company time and money. CLB Network already has the established processes, systems, and infrastructure in place to form a successful business development program for builders. Therefore, if you outsource through us, you’ll achieve results much faster and easier than you would if you were to develop a program like this in-house.

Our strategy combines marketing and sales. Through our builder rep program, your company will be able to attract, nurture, and convert new clients across multiple channels and touchpoints. Your CLB representative will also work on inbound marketing, qualifying leads, scheduling idea session appointments, developing strategic partnerships, and inbound referral network generation. Hiring a builder representative through CLB’s program is a great move, and will save your company time and money. Keep reading to understand the full scope of benefits of the CLB Builder Rep Program.

Top 10 Benefits of the CLB Builder Rep Program

At CLB Network, our clients are offered an extensive range of services to grow their business, from generating awareness and creating leads to closing contacts and improving profit margins. Here are ten ways that outsourcing using CLB’s Builder Rep Program can grow your brand:

  1. Qualifying best-fit clients and leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities
  2. Contacting potential and existing strategic partners about opportunities
  3. Presenting COOP opportunities to trade partners to increase business
  4. Building brand awareness by targeting best-fit clients and getting the right marketing materials in front of them at the right time
  5. Reporting to the CLB business manager and builder owner on marketing and sales results
  6. Managing client reviews and referrals to best inform new clients about your services
  7. Optimizing the CRM by updating SharpSpring Sales CRM opportunities and tasks
  8. Setting appointments to represent your company and reputation to ensure trust is built with clients from the start
  9. Coordinating with CLB’s digital marketing experts to optimize conversion rates to increase your efficiency and deliver more sales and revenue 
  10. Gives your company the time to focus on your highest impact projects and priorities 

We hope that this blog post has given you insight into what CLB’s Builder Rep Program can do for your luxury home building company. Now that you know what a builder rep does, why you should use CLB’s program, and the top ten benefits of that program, click here to contact us where we’ll give you even more details, and provide you with all the information you need to get started.

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