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Full Stack Developer - CLB

What you’ll help build and improve

We’re looking for a confident full-stack developer to help iterate on our own sites and also our client websites with new features both front-and-back end (improved SMS notifications via Twilio, deeper CRM integration, better UI for eliciting visitor engagement, etc.) and improvements (go ahead, run a lighthouse report… we could do better, are you the one to help?). All our sites are Statamic v2 for now, eventually we’ll want to move to v3. Check out for an example of a client site.

About CLB Network

CLB Network helps Luxury Custom Home Builders dominate their markets, and an important part of that is their website. We’re able to bring efficiencies of scale normally only available to the big players to the level of independent businesses and see real life-changing impact for our clients. Our long-term relationships with those clients mean we’re always working to improve their websites with new features, integrations, design refreshes, and performance improvements as we learn and web technologies move forward. We are focused on real, long term impact, not just quick disconnected projects. We’re a remote-first company, though most of us are centralized around Naples, Florida.

Requirements - PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, GIT

Ideal person can confidently approach building Statamic addons that make use various external APIs and can get at least a front-end framework built to hand off to someone with more of an “eye” for design, if necessary. We currently use Laravel Mix, Tailwind CSS (v0), and framework-free “vanilla” javascript. Of course, everything is in git repositories and you’ll be expected to contribute your code to the repository with clean commit messages like git commit -m 'Make SMS notifications customizable' -m '- refactor sms notification plugin' -m '- make notifications editable from control panel' -m 'set default messages for common forms' etc.

You’re likely a good fit if you…

…meet the requirements above

…are ready to get going

…can share some code examples of your work (github, gitlab, gitea, etc.)

…are a good communicator and collaborator

…can get to work without a design, based on examples and understanding the end-goal

…implement DRY principles when you can, because busy-work isn’t smart work.

…like the idea of automating repetitive tasks (especially from the command line)

…are always learning and growing

…desire an open and honest, collaborative, remote work environment

…are eager to make great websites.. but knows the ultimate goal is a bigger-picture 5-star experience for our clients.

How to apply

If you’re interested, please include links to work examples (ideally both live projects, and code in a browsable git repo) along with your resume. This is not geo-restricted, but we’re based in Naples, Florida and do want to be able to collaborate synchronously.


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