Superintendent Benchmark

This tool can be used by both an owner/manager benchmarking an employee and by an employee benchmarking themselves. Please rate each statement based on how true it is for your experience. If the statement is 100% true, mark 5 stars. If the statement is 100% false, mark 1 star. All other questions please fill in the blank with your response.

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As a Project Management Team member I collaborate with the Project Manager and the Design Team to identify and resolve potential design flaws and code issues with the project plans.

Create the project schedule and milestones based on the Client’s design, budget, and schedule requirements with specific reminder and confirmation dates for subcontractors and suppliers.

Identify and help select the best-fit subcontractors and suppliers to meet the Client’s design, budget, and schedule requirements.

Review the project budget and make any suggestions to lower costs without affecting quality of work through use of substitute materials, and replacing higher cost subcontractor labor with lower cost in-house labor.

Establish the jobsite management protocol, payment process and safety standards with all subcontractors and suppliers.

Update and review scorecard criteria and system for tracking subcontractors, suppliers, and in-house labor schedule and budget compliance, quality, and overall project performance rating. Review scorecard process with all involved parties.

Identify milestones and coordinate with Client Services to schedule client walk-through’s and Construction Process Survey.

Update and review all project details after the Client accepts Construction Agreement and prior to starting the project.

Manage the project with the goal to beat the schedule, beat the budget without affecting the quality of work, have zero punch, and earn a 5-Star rating from the Client.

Update all tracking and management systems daily, or as needed.

Send a weekly progress report to subcontractors actively working on the jobsite with a note of any issues.

Prepare a progress report for presentation at the weekly Construction Operations meeting and send it to the Construction Operations Manager the day before the meeting.

Manage any Change Orders due to Client requests, site conditions, or code requirements.

Post for Client access weekly project update photos with a recap of work completed for the week and work expected to be completed the following week.

Send Clients an email re-cap of every face-to-face or phone conversation.

Conduct all scheduled walk-throughs with Client and set an agreed upon date to make any revisions requested as soon as possible, with follow-up confirming communications.

Update systems of status of completion by subcontractors of all tasks as per contract and materials delivered by suppliers for processing of payments.

Maintain jobsite and surrounding areas as per plans and specifications and provide protection for all finished work.

Inspect and correct any issues as soon as possible to eliminate any punch items at the end of the project.

Report immediately any damage to property, or injuries on the jobsite to Project Manager.

Manage all warranty or open issues following agreed upon schedules and communicate progress to Project Manager.