Team and Hiring Benchmark

Please rate each statement based on how true it is for your experience. If the statement is 100% true, mark 5 stars. If the statement is 100% false, mark 1 star. All other questions please fill in the blank with your response.

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We have a People/Team Strategy Plan that describes the roles and responsibilities competencies, development, and goals.

The following (3) leadership positions are filled and each leader has an individual (career) development plan that maps out what great looks like in their role and how their responsibility will grow in the coming years. a. Director of Constructions Operations b. Sales Manager c. Controller or CFO

Our Company has a written performance review process that occurs at least annually and includes both a self and manager assessment.

We have a gain-sharing or performance based incentive compensation plan in place for key contributors and/or all team members.

If I stop working it will have no effect on my business. I have a legacy or succession plan in place for myself and key leadership roles.

We have a plan which addresses training needs, incentive compensation, recognition, and achievement rewards.

We have a performance appraisal system and process gets the most out of our employees and aligns performance with company goals.

We use an intentional team culture and communication strategy to update all team members on performance and recognition that align with clearly stated goals and mission/vision/values, as well as community service.

We have a brand, culture, people, systems, and processes that are appealing for an applicant and makes them want to be part of the team and the company.

We analyze the market, competitors, supply, and demand, salary requirements, and have an acquisition plan that gets Top 5% candidate results in challenging hiring and market conditions.

We have a hiring process that includes screening, profile for personality, personal traits, aspirations, geolocation, job skills, decision making ability, and interest in new opportunities.

We have a screening, interview, ratings system that highlights strengths and weaknesses in the candidate with consistent questions per the job description which greatly lowers the risk of a bad hire.

We have a professional offer letter, agreement and incentive compensation program that is designed to show the applicant your professionalism.

We conduct reference, background checks, and drug tests to prevent risks.

We have an intentional onboarding process to ensure a strong foundational performance for every new hire.

We proactively assess our entire team and conduct proactive interviews to ensure we have a future pipeline of talent. We do not reactively hire.

We know how to find, attract, incent, and hire top talent.