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What will your total sales be in new contracts this year?

  1. Our company has a Strategic Business Plan in writing that has been shared with everyone in the company.
  1. Our Company will not submit bids in competition with other builders for jobs.
  1. The following (3) management team positions are filled and receive the salaries shown, adjusted for our volume and market. If I hold any of these positions, then I receive the salary shown prior to, and separate from net profit distributions.
  1. Director of Constructions Operations: 1.75% of Gross Volume or $175,000 if at $10M
  2. Sales Manager: 1% of Gross Volume or $100,000 if $10M
  3. Controller or CFO: 1% of Gross Volume or $100,000
  1. After paying all job costs, overhead, including the management team salaries in #3 above, our net profit remaining is a minimum of 10% of our gross revenue for the year.
  1. If I stop working it will have no effect on my business. I am in a position to sell the business for a profit, or continue to receive my share of the profits as a source of recurring income.
  1. All employees keep a scorecard with weekly and monthly numbers that they report to management or their supervisor.
  1. Our brand has been defined in writing. We have identified our target market in writing. We have a process with a clear criteria in writing to identify our “Best Fit” client. Our online and offline marketing reflects our brand message to attract qualified referrals.
  1. We use a pre-construction or design agreement that qualified prospects will sign and give us a check at the first or second time we meet. Some will hire us before we meet simply by visiting our website and speaking with us on the phone.
  1. We are a leading online brand in our market. We have a sales funnel website that is linked to a CRM (client relationship management) platform that identifies qualified prospects and starts an automated campaign with them.
    The CRM tracks, records, and creates reports of all critical business activities.
  1. We have a system in place that makes contact at least once per month with all of our past and current clients, realtors, architects, interior designers, as well as our subcontractors and suppliers, to generate a continuous pipeline of qualified referrals.