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Construction Case Study: How CLB's Strategic Partner Program Led One Builder To An Additional $30 Million

A Look At How Strategic Partnerships Lead Home Builders To Significant Revenue Growth


Our most recent case study details how creating a successful strategic partner network is a critical foundation building block if you wish to have a predictable healthy pipeline and profitable company. Connecting with and managing strategic partners has become more challenging than ever for luxury builders, which prompted CLB to implement a targeted strategic partner campaign aimed at helping luxury builders implement, execute, and maintain strategic industry relationships.

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By providing the strategy, tools, and implementing the solutions needed our client was able to connect with strategic partners that are compelled to engage with the builder’s luxury brand to help solve a problem, which in turn helped to significantly grow his pipeline. As of September, CLB’s targeted strategic partner program has led to $30+ million in additional contracted revenue for one home builder.

When asked his initial thoughts on how he could benefit from the program, Paul Lichter, Owner of J Paul Builders, stated “I knew that a dependable and steady diet of best-fit prospects from strategic partners would make a significant difference in my pipeline."


By studying the success that J Paul has had with our strategic partner program, we uncovered the specific data and metrics pointing to how the program benefits our builders. From seeing an increase in ROI within 30 days to significant upticks in conversion rates and website activity, it was clear that the various elements of the strategic partner program came together to serve as an additional revenue builder for our members.

Lichter states, "Before I knew it, my calendar was filling up with meetings and conference calls ... I've never seen a campaign work so well before. Strategic partners that carry a lot of weight in the area are actually reaching out to me instead of the other way around."

Through our proven strategic partner program, CLB members are creating and maintaining key relationships in the industry, increasing their pipelines, and seeing significant growth in their revenue. Download our latest case study to learn more about this program.


How CLB's Strategic Partner Program Created $30 Million In Additional Revenue

A must read! Download our newest case study detailing how CLB's strategic partner program led one luxury home builder to an additional $30 million in revenue.

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