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QR Codes For Homebuilders: Best Practices & How To Use Them To Grow Your Construction Business

Learn How QR Codes Can Help Increase Engagement, Record Impressions, & Provide Valuable Info

The QR code has made it possible to hyperlink the physical world to the digital one.

Savvy homebuilders can use that connection to up their marketing game, converting job site signage, industry magazine ads and spreads, and even the lowly business card into ‘smart’ marketing. Ask CLB how we can make QR codes work for you.

PRO-TIP: Connecting with best-fit prospects and clients where and when they want to engage early in the process is difficult and expensive if you don't have a proven marketing plan and program. Take this 3-minute audit to assess how your marketing and sales strategy can be improved.

QR Codes for Homebuilders

Increase Engagement. Record Impressions. Provide Clients with Valuable Info.

Developments in technology, especially web and mobile, have changed the way we engage with each other as well as with places and the objects around us. Ever advancing technology allows us to be plugged into the internet wherever we happen to be, so marketing opportunities abound for the builder who is capable of connecting their work in the physical world to the digital world for their clients. This connection is made seamlessly through the use of QR codes.

But what is a QR code?

QR (Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that are readable using smartphones and or webcams. They act like hyperlinks that connect the physical world to the digital world. Scanning a QR code has the same result as clicking on an online link. It leads the user to interesting, relevant web content.

Some key benefits of QR codes for the homebuilder include:

  • Increased Engagement
  • Recorded Impressions
  • Providing Buyers with Valuable Info
  • Easily-embedded marketing

Download our free guide to learn more.

How CLB Makes QR Codes Work for You

First, CLB generates a QR code for you, which can be scanned by a potential client using their smartphone. The QR code can lead the user to any relevant, engaging content online that you choose. Possibilities include: mobile optimized landing page, company blog on your sales-funnel website, digital download on your sales-funnel website, a project video, testimonials or case studies, or a form for the prospect to provide contact info.

When a user scans the code, CLB’s Operating System allows you to track your QR code to measure how many people scan it and the locations from where it has been scanned. The CLB Operating System has inbuilt analytics and insights that help measure your marketing success.

Top 8 Ways QR Codes Can Be Used By Home Builders

QR codes can be implemented in many different ways to improve your marketing activities, but regardless of the use you choose to put them to, they should provide some kind of value to the person scanning them, and not merely direct to your website homepage. Download our free guide to learn the top 8 ways QR codes can be used by homebuilders.


A Quick Guide To QR Codes For Home Builders

Learn how QR codes help builders increase engagement, record impressions, and provide clients with valuable info.

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