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5 Questions To Help Contractors Gauge If A Client Is The Best Fit

These Are The Qualifying Questions To Ask Clients Before A Project Begins

No doubt choosing a contractor is a major decision for homeowners. However, it’s a major decision for the contractor, too.

After all, your time (and your team’s time for that matter) is valuable. You want to land the types of clients that match and meet your business’ services as well as your standards. We call this a “Best-Fit” On the flip side, you also want to make sure you meet their standards, too.

So, what’s a builder or remodeler to do?

It’s all about getting to work before the work even begins. Prior to jumping into any project, take some time to sit down with a potential client and have a chat. Following the CLB 5-Simple Step Process you can comfortably in a conversational way ask the tough questions. The direct kind. Get all the information you need to apply the right processes and ensure you’re the right fit together.

PRO-TIP: Connecting with best-fit prospects and clients where and when they want to engage early in the process is difficult and expensive if you don't have a proven marketing plan and program. Take this 3-minute audit to assess how your marketing and sales strategy can be improved.

After you get to know everything you need about a lead, if they are qualified, tell them about the company and what makes it unique and different. Think of it as your greatest sales tool. Take them to your “About Page” and start to get them comfortable with the team, process and execution.

Here are the top 5 questions contractors should ask – and how apps for builders help turn any conversation into a client.

What are you looking for in a builder?

Not all contractors are created equal – or offer equal services. This basic question helps level set and ensure your team can provide the services clients are really looking for.

But it goes beyond that, too. Say they want a builder who is architecturally driven and delivers high craftsmanship-quality work, and that just happens to be your company’s sweet spot. What can you do to beat out the competition?

Chances are your potential clients also want a builder who is organized, transparent and uses digital tools to keep communication open. From Millennials to Baby Boomers and beyond, today’s consumers crave digital experiences in every aspect of their lives – including when it comes to building or renovating their homes. People are nervous, but they want easy and transparent communication.

What’s your budget range?

This one is obvious. A project can’t start until a contractor and client talk about a capital budget plan.

Of course, this question helps determine scope of work, but it also gives builders a chance to talk about their value. Why are they worth a little more or what they can provide that others can’t.

With CLB, builders can give clients unmatched access to their projects through features like the Client Portal. This acts as the one place for clients to login and see progress, communicate with your team, make payments, choose design selections and more.

How often do you like to receive updates?

In the FAQ guide, builders explain FAQ’s for making it easy to work together with a builder. It’s not just the quality of work that makes or breaks a builder. It’s the quality of service, too. A central piece to that service is the ability to communicate how clients want.

When talking about an investment as large as a new house, oftentimes it’s the more updates the better. Through a feature like the Client Portal, builders can share progress photos, videos and even daily logs that highlight the wins of each day. Or each week – twice a week. Whatever the client wants, however frequently they want it, can be theirs now.

Plus, all communication is easily organized by job and acts as your project record.

How does the client determine success?

This question may sound odd to some homebuilders, but being a good contractor is about more than just getting the job done. It’s about getting the job done right. Let your clients be the judge of that.

Maybe they determine success by staying totally in the loop of every project detail. It could be because they want to come under budget. For many, it’s simply meeting the initial agreed-upon deadline. Whatever their answer to this may be, let it guide you as you interact and build a rapport.

Happy clients mean more business headed your way thanks to the power of word-of-mouth. When a job is wrapped and you know you’ve met that marker of success, you could even use CLB’s survey system to send clients surveys & reviews at every step of the process. Then just share those glowing reviews as testimonials across all your marketing channels.

Surveys and reviews ensure that there is a line of more potential clients forming all the time. Afterall, referral is your best source of business.

Do you see any obstacles, concerns, or challenges coming?

Likely the answer to this will be “none”. Hey, optimism isn’t a bad thing! But you’re no novice. You know that with construction comes the unexpected.

That’s why this question can act as a selling moment. You can let clients know potential challenges are easily conquered by your team. Why? Because you’ve got tech in your toolbelt.

With features like the Schedule or Budget, you have more control and oversight over every day and every dollar. You’re able to plan ahead, make time for rework and forecast issues before they even arise.

Keep clients happy with the promise of a 5-star experience every time.

Whether you’re a remodeler, custom builder or both, every company likely has their own set of questions to ask clients before committing to a project. These five just can’t be missed.

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