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How Building A “Differentiated Luxury Brand” Helps Home Builders Land Best-Fit Clients

Building, marketing, and selling a “differentiated luxury brand” to best-fit clients.


Company: Westin Hills
Owner: J. Peterson

Summary: Westin Hills is a luxury builder and remodeler in Florida that delivers high-quality work and 5-star client experience for their clients every time.

CLBN worked with Mr. Peterson to help understand his best-fit clients and their needs. Once the 5-star brand was understood, the mechanics of marketing and sales was put into action.

PRO-TIP: Marketing is more important than ever for luxury home builders. Take this 3-minute audit to determine the improvements that need to be made to your marketing and sales strategy in order to dominate your market and fill your pipeline with best-fits.

Ed, said, “CLBN showed me real-life examples of what great looks like and simple processes to follow. They did much of the heavy lifting. We now attract best-fit clients and close typically during the first meeting using CLBN’s (5) simple steps. I received timely results which have converted into solid growth while being selective about our clients and generating more profit for the company”.

In addition to building a brand that attracts a pipeline of best-fit clients, we want a profitable business that is an asset, with documented processes and using performance scorecards to monitor, manage, and continuously improve the business.

As a result, I am learning the CLBN process and how they work to improve my company. I determined where we should spend to improve my brand and attract best-fit clients. Houzz is one area that has really paid off.

  • What was it like before you became a CLB member?
    I had no lead generation other than running around trying to find someone I could sell to.

  • What problem(s) were you trying to solve?
    I was competitively bidding all the time and did not understand who my best fit client was at the time. I was also trying to figure out my place in the market where I can be successful.

  • How did you find CLB? Where did you start your search?
    I was struggling in the market and luckily CLB found me. I had looked online for solutions, but no one offered real-life examples, simple luxury builder specific processes, and timely results. Other solutions try to apply generality to the building business and it typically doesn’t work or it is hard to understand and apply.

  • What made CLBN offerings stand out from other options?
    CLBN’s business assessment was an eye-opener. The assessment was easy to take and showed me my strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

    In addition, CLBN’s solution offerings are for the luxury builder and remodeler. They are specific, easy to implement and they work. The CLB process is to assess, recommend, plan, implement, manage, and monitor. This was easy for me to follow and I could do it myself or CLB can implement a solution for me while I run another part of my business.

  • Was there an obstacle that almost prevented you from partnering?
    Yes, I was skeptical of the claims. I tried several other offerings and they were complicated and did not produce results. I wasted a good amount of money, before giving CLBN a try.

  • What sold you on subscribing to CLBN?
    I was referred to CLB by someone I know and trust. The CLBN team really understands the luxury building and remodeling industry and has real-life examples of achieving success with builders like me. I like that their model isn’t pay-per-click. They not only helped me with understanding marketing, but they did the heavy lifting to get me # 1 on Houzz in my market. Since we achieve #1 and top of the market we have been receiving quality leads from qualified buyers for a fixed price was something I could wrap my head around.

  • What has made you happiest about working with CLBN?
    CLB’s program works and it isn’t complicated. The CLB team has a big promise and they deliver on it and provide great support.

    The CLB process and the team was easy to work with and made it easy to get to number one in my market within 30 to 60 days. CLB really helped me with my brand, best-fit client, market definition, differentiation, marketing plan, and sales closing process.

    Jeremy said, “Since working with CLBN, interested prospects search for top builders in my market and we show up in Houzz and Google as the number one builder. They typically go to our website and are driven through a process where they share their interest and connect with our firm. This has worked great. The largest deal I closed was $1.7 million with a stream of secondary projects that followed along. I receive a minimum 2 - 4 deals a year with an average deal size of $200,000 + which makes the results really compelling.

  • What have you been able to achieve since partnering with CLB?
    CLB helped me get clear on how to differentiate our company in the market with a 5-star experience. We are building a pipeline of best-fit prospects and with an average deal size about $200,000. Very quickly we closed a $1.7 million contract with a stream of secondary projects that followed.

  • What has exceeded your expectations since working with CLBN?
    CLB’s program was exactly as advertised. Real-life examples, simple processes, and timely results. It works!!!

  • What are you planning on next with CLB services?
    A consistent social profile aligned to our 5-star brand is our priority. We continue to work on our 5-star brand and are adding more reviews and testimonials.

  • Would you recommend CLBN to other luxury builders and remodelers?
    Yes, I highly recommend CLBN.

  • What's the main reason you recommend CLBN?
    It works!!!


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Growing your home building business means growing your client base, your pipeline. But how do you increase your pipeline and improve your win percentage? Do you have a clear strategy that supports the types of projects you want? Is hope part of your strategy?

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